Mining Monero On Centos

建站的时候租用了一台服务器,centos的操作系统。上面只放了两个网站, CPU使用率基本为零,偶尔操作的时候也只有40%,闲置是极大的浪费。资料说门罗币(monero)可以用cpu挖,那我也挖门罗币吧。 首先要有钱包地址,本地钱包或者在线钱包,我选择了后者,所以前者就不多说了。在线平台有很多,网友说这家还不错,,注册账号之后在account里找到钱包地址,下面会用到。 接下来要在服务器上安装挖矿工具,以下命令复制粘贴。安装运行需要的程序后,从fireice-uk获取源码并编译安装,此处可以修改捐赠比例,默认是2%。 sudo yum -y install centos-release-scl epel-release sudo yum -y install cmake3 devtoolset-7-gcc* hwloc-devel libmicrohttpd-devel openssl-devel make sudo scl enable devtoolset-7 bash git clone mkdir xmr-stak/build cd xmr-stak/build cmake3 -DCMAKE_LINK_STATIC=ON -DXMR-STAK_COMPILE=generic -DCUDA_ENABLE=OFF -DOpenCL_ENABLE=OFF .. make install 然而总是在42%时出错,在网上找到了这个办法。清除后重新编译。 mkdir xmr-stak/build cd xmr-stak/build export CFLAGS=”-O2 -march=native -msse3 -fomit-frame-pointer -pipe” export CHOST=”x86_64-pc-linux-gnu” export CXXFLAGS=”${CFLAGS}” • Read More »

Multi-sites and 404 of Permalinks issue

Initially, I was going to write something about using Modelica for simulations of HVAC systems. But I have been assigned to other tasks. So, I just share some experience about connecting one IP with multi-domains here. My server has been running a website already when the server is set for running multi-sites, the original files • Read More »


SetUpDesktopOnSever Recently, I tried to download recovery image for my Surface Pro 3 from the official website.  The established downloading link lost connection after a few minutes and the download speed was within 10 kb/s. Since the server rent from Aliyun is overseas, I considered to download it from the server. There are two options • Read More »


Modelica is a non-proprietary, object-oriented, equation-based language to conveniently model complex physical systems containing, e.g., mechanical, electrical, electronic, hydraulic, thermal, control, electric power or process-oriented subcomponents.

Improved IDF2JSON

The last version eliminated all comments because they are not needed in the JSON format. But the comments can be used as properties. So, I did some modifications. Since I am not familiar with Fortran. All the work is done with Python by replacing characters to change the structure. The results are shown below:   • Read More »


EnergyPlus is developed based on Fortran 950. The file format looks very like JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). By extracting the comments as properties, it can be transformed to JSON format. I did some modifications to EnergyPlus IDF file and transformed it to JSON format with Python. The JSON file was validated by . Then, • Read More »


After upgrading to Version 4.9. I got an error of Error establishing a database connection. The possible cause of ‘Error establishing a database connection’ is the problems in MySQL, check the username and password in wp-config.php. But the causes may vary. Firstly, open ‘wp-config.php’ and set ‘define(‘WP_DEBUG’, ‘true’)’; Then, go to the website to see • Read More »

Chromedriver on Centos

运行微博爬虫始终提示 ‘chromedriver’ executable needs to be in PATH. Please see 试图通过yum –y install chromedriver阿里云匹配的chromedriver的版本低于chrome,需要更新。然后发现不管是更新chrome还是chromium,始终都存在着版本不对。直到找到了这个: 安装 chrome 使用下面的命令,在root用户下就可以安装最新的 Google Chrome: yum –y install google-chrome-stable 安装 selenium 在 seleniump官网 找到最新的版本,下载selenium-server-standalone-X.XX.X.jar文件 selenium-server-standalone-3.13.0.jar selenium服务初始化 将上述selenium放入一个文件夹中,输入如下命令初始化 java -jar selenium-server-standalone-3.13.0.jar 注意,需要 java8 环境,可以参考 CentOS7安装java运行环境jdk 安装 chromerriver 在 chromerriver官网下载最新的ChromeDriver压缩包,解压得到chromedriver.exe文件 将下载的文件解压,放在如下位置 /usr/bin/chromedriver 给予执行权限 chmod +x /usr/bin/chromedriver 安装 XVFB 输入如下命令 yum install Xvfb -y  yum • Read More »

Solve AnacondaFailed to Create Menus

The failure is that ‘Anaconda failed to create menus.’ Answers from Github indicate there are many reasons, and the problem might be solved in the coming releases. They also presented many possible solutions. But most of them didn’t work. After trying again and again, I had to copy the complete folders to her installation and • Read More »

Visualize Famous Campus in China

By the end of the 9th month of 2017, many great events happened. One influential thing is the launch of the country’s construction plan of world first-class universities and world first-class disciplines. The plan, also known as the “Double-First Class” initiative, really inspires scholars and researchers. Honestly, I felt sad when HNU got categorized as • Read More »