Block names of celebrities or stars


About ten years ago, Baidu has been the front page of my browser. It was very handful. However, it became difficult to find information from other useless junks, not to mention its recommendations on the right side.

Somebody got cheated/married/divorced/ or whatever. I really do not care.

The simplest and direct method is to add the filters to Adblock on Chrome.

To not seeing their names, I wrote some lines. When Names becomes too long, the duration of onload becomes longer. So, currently, I am keeping the array short.

var Names = new Array(“范冰冰”,”王思聪”,”孙杨”,”李晨”,”迪丽热巴”,”宁泽涛”,”傅园慧”,”鄢军”,”周立波”,”贾乃亮”,”火箭少女”,”吴亦凡”,”鹿晗”,”关晓彤”,”逐梦演艺圈”,”科比”,”李易峰”,”杨洋”);

String.prototype.myReplace = function(f,e) {

var reg=new RegExp(f,”g”);

return this.replace(reg,e);


window.onload = function () {

for (i in Names)


document.body.innerHTML = document.body.innerHTML.myReplace(Names[i], “Somebody”);



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