Visualize Famous Campus in China

By the end of the 9th month of 2017, many great events happened. One influential thing is the launch of the country’s construction plan of world first-class universities and world first-class disciplines. The plan, also known as the “Double-First Class” initiative, really inspires scholars and researchers. Honestly, I felt sad when HNU got categorized as B in the list. But as the saying goes, be aware of shame then go forward. I decided to visualize the famous campus surroundings. In the near future, the codes will be available on GitHub soon. Now I just show some results within an 800 m circle centered by the Department of Civil Engineering.
First the campus of HNU, the points are quite abstract. But for anyone who has lived there, the basic layout has been clearly drawn. Obviously, the campus area of HNU is quite small.

I posted the images links, paper, and preprint here.

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