Set Up A Desktop On A Sever

Recently, I tried to download recovery image for my Surface Pro 3 from the official website.  The established downloading link lost connection after a few minutes and the download speed was within 10 kb/s.

Since the server rent from Aliyun is overseas, I considered to download it from the server. There are two options considered, usage of a text web browser or installation of a desktop.

Firstly, I used w3m and elinks. Both returned the result of ‘JavaScript is disabled’. The text web browsers do not support JavaScript. There are extensions of w3m-js, but I did not find available links.

yum install w3m w3m-img –y(rpm -e w3m w3m-img)
yum install links
yum install elinks(rpm -e links elinks);

Then, I have to install a desktop for it. Install X Windows and Desktop. After the work is done, I want to have it uninstalled.

yum -y groupinstall "X Window System" "MATE Desktop"
(sometimes, yum -y groupinstall "X Window System"  "MATE Desktop")
systemctl set-default

yum -y groupremove "X Window System" "MATE Desktop"
(sometimes, yum groups remove "X Window System" "MATE Desktop")
systemctl set-default